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Was Larry Summers right about women in science?

Ten years ago, Larry Summers made a few, off-the-record remarks. It was at the most benign of settings: a National Bureau of Economic Research conference. But amidst a sea of black and grey suits, Summers put forth some ideas about why so few women hold elite professorships in science and math – ideas that sparked a national controversy. Shortly after Larry Summers' derogatory remarks about women in science, a 4'x6' banner hanging in Lobby 7 suspended out over the center from the 4th floor. 25/11/2008 · In my column this week, I refer to Lawrence Summers’s infamous 2005 remarks about women and science and said the content of the remarks had often been exaggerated. This has been a topic of intense interest, and I wanted to include some details and. What Larry Summers Said— and Didn’t Say On Jan. 14, 2005, Harvard University President Lawrence Summers unwittingly brought the simmering debate about women’s representation in science.

Summers was deservedly castigated, but not for the right reasons. He claimed to be giving a comprehensive list of reasons why there weren't more women reaching the top jobs in the sciences. Yet Summers, an economist, left one out: Adjusted for IQ, quantitative skills, and working hours, jobs in science are the lowest paid in the United States. 17/02/2005 · Bowing to mounting faculty pressure, University President Lawrence H. Summers today released a transcript of his controversial remarks on women in science last month. The nearly 7,000-word transcript generally confirms previous accounts of the speech, in which Summers.

17/01/2005 · CAMBRIDGE -- The president of Harvard University, Lawrence H. Summers, sparked an uproar at an academic conference Friday when he said that innate differences between men and women might be one reason fewer women succeed in science and math careers. Summers also questioned how much of a role discrimination plays in the dearth of. In January 2005, at an NBER meeting in Cambridge, MA on the topic of how to address the under-representation of women and minorities in science and engineering fields, Hopkins caused controversy by walking out in protest during a talk by then President of Harvard Lawrence Summers. Larry Summers, women, and jobs in math and science. January 21, 2005 by philg. To judge from the latestit seems that Larry Summers, the president of Harvard, is still getting beaten up for saying that women might not be genetically adapted as well as men for careers in math and science.

19/01/2005 · A suggestion by Harvard University's president, Lawrence H. Summers, that women may not have the same innate abilities in math and science as men has touched off an angry response from many Harvard professors, including members of a committee on women's issues who sent Summers a letter yesterday complaining that his remarks "impede. 08/06/2010 · Larry Summers Redux and "Fulfilling the Potential of Women in Science Through Social Engineering" From John Tierney's column in yesterday's NY Times " Daring to Discuss Women in Science ": "[Former Harvard President Larry Summers] acknowledged that there were many talented female scientists and discussed ways to eliminate the social barriers they faced. 25/01/2019 · Harvard University president Lawrence Summers created a firestorm earlier this month for claiming that women have less innate scientific ability than men. We speak with the Nancy Hopkins, the MIT professor who walked out of Summers' speech as well as Dave Targan, the Dean of Science Programs at Brown University. Aftermath of Gender Gap Remarks by Harvard President Summers. On Friday, January 14, 2005, Harvard President Dr. Lawrence Summers suggested that innate differences between men and women might be one reason fewer women succeed in science and math careers. 14/02/2005 · Summers's analysis of why there might be fewer women in mathematics and science is commonplace among economists who study gender disparities in employment, though it is rarely mentioned in the press or in academia when it comes to discussions of the gender gap in science and engineering. The fact that women make up only 20 percent of the.

10 Years Since Larry Summers' Comments on.

Bowing to faculty demands, Harvard President Lawrence H. Summers on Thursday released a transcript of his controversial remarks on women and science. He did so while releasing yet another apology for those remarks and as the head of the Harvard Corporation released a statement backing Summers. Home Posts tagged "Larry Summers Affair" Tag: Larry Summers Affair. Unique perspective on bias in science. A few years ago, Ben Barres wrote this compelling piece for Nature which confronts the stereotype that women do not succeed in science because of a lack of innate ability. The Times's John Tierney is the latest of several to take the Larry Summers tack of questioning women's natural aptitude for science. Here's what's wrong with this argument, in three easy points that even the simplest ladybrain can understand.

  1. Harvard President Lawrence Summers faced intense criticism for remarks he made about the shortage of women in the sciences and engineering at a Jan. 14 closed-door conference.
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  3. 25/01/2005 · Harvard University president Lawrence Summers created a firestorm earlier this month for claiming that women have less innate scientific ability than men. We speak with the Nancy Hopkins, the MIT professor who walked out of Summers’ speech as well as Dave Targan, the Dean of Science.

21/01/2005 · Larry Summers, the president of Harvard, suggested the other day that innate differences between the sexes might help explain why relatively few women become professional scientists or engineers. For this, he has been denounced—metaphorically, of course—as a Neanderthal. Alumni are. 08/02/2005 · Why Feminist Careerists Neutered Larry Summers. He noted that high school boys have many more of the highest math scores than girls,. And bias can more easily be blamed for gender imbalances if the possibility that more men than women are gifted with math-science brilliance is banished from public discourse. 11/03/2012 · Some people still think Larry Summers got fired from being the president of Harvard because of the ridiculous comments he made about women in math see my post about this here or because of the comments he made about Cornel West. Actually, the truth is something worse, and for which he should actually be in. I was the Crimson's editorial co-chair at the time of Summers' resignation, and can attest based on numerous conversations with faculty, other administrators, and Summers himself, that Greg Price has the basic point spot on: the comments about wom.

Summers, however, pushed this idea as if it were somehow new and ‘provocative’. It’s condescending. He went into a conference on women and science and, rather than treating the convened researchers as equals and as adults, he acted as if they were college freshmen needing of provocation. 22/02/2006 · Dr. Summers's decision came after three fractious weeks following the resignation of William C. Kirby, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and left the university divided. About 50 students waving signs that said "Stay, Summers, Stay" and chanting "Larry, Larry" rallied in Harvard Yard yesterday after the news broke. Dr. A journalist chides an academic for telling an impolitic truth.

You are here. Home. 19/01/2005 · Harvard Chief's Comments on Women Assailed. four went to women. In an interview yesterday, Summers said some critics had erroneously interpreted his remarks as "suggesting that women can't do science" or that he was "fatalistic" about. 05/12/2008 · The always interesting Ruth Marcus in her Washington Post column confesses, with some caveats and apparent unease, that Larry Summers was right when he made his controversial statements about men and women in science and math--statements that resulted in his ouster as president of Harvard. 19/09/2006 · Women In Science and Engineering Stymied By Institutional Bias Or, F Off, Larry Summers!.

Introduction. On April 22, 2005, Harvard University's Mind/Brain/Behavior Initiative MBB held a defining debate on the public discussion that began on January 16th with the public comments by Lawrence Summers, president of Harvard, on sex differences between men and women and how they may relate to the careers of women in science.

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